activesupport requires ruby version >= 2.2.2.

Ruby をインストールする方法 Rails5のbeta版を試そうとしたら、Ruby2.2.2が必要だということがわかったので、インストールしました。 翻訳 ·  · by Vinicius Ferreira Negrisolo on June 23, Rails 5 has a ton of new features. It addresses almost 500 issues and pull-requests dealing with performance, security and new features. I'm going to list step by step what you will need to migrate from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0.. How to upgrade from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0 もともと、 以上を要求されていたのでこれ以上をインストールすればいいわけです。 Rubyのリストを出してみます $ rbenv install -l 翻訳 · On Sat, 26 Mar +0900, Lasse Koskela < a / > wrote: > Darn. Sorry about the subject of my previous email. > > -Lasse-> > On Fri, 25 ... 翻訳 · Mongoid; MONGOID ; Issue with rails + rake + mongoid (2.1.x possibly) Log In. Export ruby p (2015-12-16 revision 53162) [universal.x86_64-darwin15] はい、すいません。 Rubyのバージョンが2.2.2.以上が必要なのに2.0.0しか入っていなかったのが原因でした。 翻訳 · ruby -v set to ruby p (2017-12-14 revision 61247) [x86_64-linux] Subject changed from _changes(t= ) to ? Tracker changed from Feature to Bug 翻訳 · RUBY VERSION ruby p To update this version in the , change your local Ruby version and run: $ bundle update --ruby The locked version of the Ruby version will always “win”. So if different members on your team are using different Ruby versions, they must be careful not to commit the wrong version to the 翻訳 · Base class for Redmine plugins. Plugins are registered using the register class method that acts as the public constructor. Redmine:: Plugin. register:example do name ' Example plugin ' author ' John Smith ' description ' This is an example plugin for Redmine ' version ' ' settings:default => ' foo ' => ' bar ',:partial => ' settings/settings ' end Plugin attributes. settings is an 翻訳 · Tom, you have three separate problems here: It seems you are not using the recommended ruby version. Please make sure you have installed ‘ruby ( ...

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翻訳 · Give feedback to Atlassian; Help. Jira Core help; Keyboard Shortcuts; About Jira; Jira Credits; Log In 翻訳 · Runtimes: Brand-new implementations of the Ruby language, tightly integrated with the native Apple or Google runtime and optimized for embedded device constraints.. Project Management: A command-line interface to create, manage, and interactively develop RubyMotion also includes a static compiler that compiles Ruby into optimized machine code and an interactive console where you $ ruby -v ruby p (2015-12-16 revision 53162) [universal.x86_64-darwin15] 確かにバージョンが古い。 ということで、バージョンをアップしました。 翻訳 ·  · Install Zabbix which is an enterprise open source monitoring system. It's possible to monitor not only Linux but Windows, Solaris, IBM AIX and others. 翻訳 · For most of cases, people tend to go for symbol because it would take up less memory (though it might come with a side effect that is Symbol is not GC-colletable (Ruby does clean it up though)). There are access usecases that requires our hash key to be interchangable between String and Symbol key. 翻訳 · Ruby version and "Hello, World" are the following. $ ruby -v ruby p (2016-04-26 revision 54768) [x86_64-linux] $ cat <

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翻訳 · Hello, im trying to install OpenProject on a Ubuntu Server , this server already has Apache and MySQL but when I try to run sudo openproject configure this is the result th 翻訳 · Hiroshi SHIBATA wrote: It's fixed at r Can you confirm this? Confirmed, thanks! ruby のバージョンも問題なし。 $ ruby -v ruby p (2014-05-08 revision 45883) [x86_64-linux] そういえばこのサーバは rbenv で ruby のバージョンいじってました。 翻訳 ·  · What’s new in Rails 6? BY Matthew Chigira. July 09, With the official release of Rails 6 just around the corner, we round up all the major new features coming your way. It is an exciting release due to some big features coming upstream from the Basecamp and GitHub projects. WindowsRuby on Railsインストール手順を紹介します。バージョンは、RubyRails 、mysql2 0.4.10です。 翻訳 · Subject: Re: anyone having issues with rubyforge at the moment? From: "Greg Hauptmann" < @ a .m Date: Sat, 6 Sep +0900 References: 313898 In-reply-to: 313898 翻訳 · If upgrading C-extensions and Ruby version does not work, you can use the Ruby backtrace in the segfault for more information. Here is an example that I’ve abbreviated: 翻訳 · Ruby can be installed using the yum command, however an older version ( ) is used in the operation verification environment. In this example, install Ruby that is supported by Redmine. Check the Redmine official site for detailed support information. 翻訳 · Bug # mongrel x86-mswin32-60 error Author: Vladimir Tkach Status: Open, Priority: Normal Category: lib ruby ... ? T06:54:41Z Ruby Issue Tracking System

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翻訳 · This is the full Error. openproject@xray ~/openproject$ RAILS_ENV=“production” bundle exec rake db:migrate require ‘rails/all’… s e ... A Guide for Upgrading Ruby on Rails January 13, This guide provides steps to be followed when you upgrade your applications to a newer version of Ruby on Rails. These steps are also available in individual release guides. 1 General Advice Before attempting to upgrade an existing application, you should be sure you have a good reason to 翻訳 · Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework written in guide covers using Rails 4 on Heroku. For information about running previous versions of Rails on Heroku, see Getting Started with Rails 3.x on Heroku. 翻訳 · Ruby on Rails, Gems What Ruby on Rails version and Gems are installed? Specify a Cron Job to Use a Specific phpini File Script executed with a cron job requires a specific file to be used. Allow_url_include 翻訳 · Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It supports multiple programming paradigms, including functional, object-oriented, and imperative. It also has a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. $ mo for software usage railsのモデルにカラムを追加する方法; Rubyで warning: calling via Kernel#open is deprecated,・・・が出る対策; WindowsFFXIVインストールで がエラーの対策あれこれ 翻訳 ·  · The version of Ruby in CentOS 7 repository is but Install 2.3 with RPM package if you need. [1] It's possible to install from CentOS SCLo Software Collections. It's OK to install it even if 2.0 is already installed because 2.3 is located on another PATH. # install from SCLo 翻訳 · PALallax analyze traffic when it receives a Trap. About scope of analysis, you can select setting from the following. Only for threat traffic; All traffic; The default setting is threat traffic. Only for threat traffic. PALallax analyzes the only threat traffic. If the severity is no value , PALallax discards the Trap. 翻訳 · I have an old installation of openproject (v. ) that I want to upgrade to the latest version, but I am running on a MySQL database. My understanding from reading this page: h 翻訳 · Regression with on ruby p (2016-04-26 revision 54768) [x86_64-darwin15] Added by jeffreyc (Jeff C) almost 4 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.